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Since 1997 we have been a trusted and relied upon platform for connecting local pre-screed Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents to Client-Users seeking services and QUOTES. At first, we manually created and launched one hundred websites within three years. After experiencing working inordinate amounts of time and spending extensive resources, we produced an idea to invent a better way to create websites. After seven years of research and firsthand experiences, we launched what we call our “API 1.0 platform.” Our API 1.0 platform operates flawlessly and is currently hosting and managing more than eight hundred websites, published by and through our auto-generation technology.

During the first five years we were also actively buying and selling relevant and key word domain names for digital development and marketing purposes. Currently, we own the largest domain name portfolio, within the legal and service support industry. With over two thousand rare and unique domain names our digital portfolio will continue to contribute to our and associated partnerships organic marketing success. Today, we are only monetizing about half of our domain names and endeavor to continue our efforts to develop them into more websites on behalf of our strategic collaborating members.

Throughout the past decades we became more proficient with organic marketing and analyzing the performance of our platform, so we increased our digital footprint to nine hundred websites. Through our successful expansion, we found an even better way to create and develop more robust websites. As such, we launched our API 2.0 platform currently hosting ten nationwide branded websites which consist of over one million published and indexed pages. API 2.0 websites target and market Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents services for members.

As a result of continued growth and significant upgrades, we merged API 1.0 and API 2.0 to build another major digital platform, now referred to as our API 3.0 platform a/k/a, “” All of our websites are easy to find, simple to use and will connect you to the largest network directory of Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents in the world.

The best way to compare and contrast all three API platforms is to offer you the following analogies.

The A.C.E. API 1.0, is a “Corvette.”

The A.C.E. API 2.0, is a “Ferrari”

The API 3.0, is our custom hybrid vehicle, combining (in theory) a Bentley, Lamborghini and a Hennessey Venom GT.

The next API will be on par with the technology used and protocols followed that created the SpaceX Rocket and Spacelink Satellite Technology, owned by Tesla. Actually, in the near future, we may even use Spacelink Technology to bring you even faster and more internet connectivity and proficiency.

Our API 3.0 platform is the largest digital and interactive Process Server and Mobile Notary Signing Agent directory in the world used for locating pre-screened legal support Agents. combines the functionality and resources of its emerging API programming and includes the latest technological advancements and innovations. The directory is now fully integrated and currently hosts and manages dozens of websites, generates countless leads and offers open, no cost, access to Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents seeking to meet new clients organically. is the largest database of vetted Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents who offer lower fees and higher levels of service never experienced before by Client-Users seeking nationwide assistance with finding Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents.

Overall, the main mission of the directory is to bring people together organically, who need help with specific services and those who perform required services.

All interactions, transactions, and communications privately route through the platform and are available at no cost to use at any time. Overall, we help efficient automation to an otherwise old industry methods to search for and find Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents manually. As for Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents who currently pay for listings and are dependent upon play to pay directories and pay per click ads, unlike those, listing your Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents services in the web directory costs you nothing.

Whether you are a paralegal, attorney, financial institution, law firm, bank, insurance company, collection agency, government employee, title, lender, or a mortgage company, our goal is to make sure Client-Users of our directory connect with multiple Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents, resulting in saving time, easing anxiousness and facilitating transactions in real time. Our directory guarantees faster communications, secure and private transactions, better results, and speedy results. LEADERSHIP:

Having accumulated decades of collective experience across a variety of professions and industries, our leadership team is the source of our success. We prefer to keep the names of our team private, but we can tell you, we have experience as Programmers, Web Developers, Marketing Managers, Process Servers, Private Investigators, Mobile Notary, Loan and Signing Agents, Courthouse Couriers, Paralegals, and an Attorney. All of us are direct and initiative-taking entrepreneurs who share common interests, are committed to disrupting and fixing the old way, and decidedly ushering in the new way of managing search and find tasks and lower costs. management cares about protecting the privacy of all persons and entities and is committed to the fair, transparent and respectful handling of personal information that follows relevant data protection laws. When we store your information on our server it is securely safeguarded by our encryption and firewall optimization. is a nationwide directory of Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents managed by the most experienced professionals in the industry.

With an emphasis on collaborating Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents and Client-Users, the success we are experiencing every day, will require onboarding other managers, collaborators, and partners. If you are currently a leader in your profession and would entertain entrepreneurial involvement with or any of our other directories, please let us know.