Communications in Real Time

This Page is for Online Meetings, Tutorials, Chatting, Peer to Peer General Conversations and Confidential Advisory

Whenever there is a planned live meeting or any live venue, a link and password will be emailed twenty-four hours in advance to the email you used when you initially signed up.

Live Discussions, Tutorials, Seminars, Q & A, and Urgent Meetings by Invitation Only

The lively room is where our live connections take place. We anticipate weekly space calls through the twitter platform. We also view our lively room as a place where we can hold live real time discord conversations assisting members with questions and information.

The lively room is where messaging, chat and text functions are available to members only.

Perhaps you have a quick question or a situation or are seeking advice about? Shoot us a text or chat request and we will be there for you.

We will hold frequent zoom meetings to members by invitation only and encourage any member who wants to host a zoom meeting through our platform to contact us immediately. We are starting to schedule our zoom meeting calendar and will include you. We will be hosting zoom calls and tasked with the moderation responsibility of keeping the zoom meeting on topic. Topics open for discussion are to be approved by management one week prior the scheduled meeting. Zoom meetings are for the purpose of connecting members, answering questions, discussing relevant topics and promoting professional interactions. managers will be creating a live discord program for any and all topics of interest.

There will be no boundaries for discord participants but please be advised any activities that are deemed inappropriate topics such as vulgar language or disparaging remarks will get you banned for life.

We will be posting links and dates soon. If you opted in for email and text messaging you will be notified accordingly.