This Service Relieves Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents from Arduous Data Entry Tasks provides OPTIONAL premium data entry services for its members only.

Too Busy to Enter your FREE Listings? Would you like to expand your listings to include multiple areas in state and out of state, but don't have the time or patience to do it yourself? No Worries, we can help. We provide premium data entry services and are ready to assist you immediately.

Premium Options - Easy and Simple Data Entry Services

We receive numerous comments about the time it takes to list in multiple states, counties, cities and zip codes. As you are well aware, we permit you to list as many times as you need and in as many locations as you want for free. You may do so on your time as you please. However, if you would prefer to save time, our premium service handles your data entry listings for you.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO UTILIZE OUR PREMIUM SERVICES. Premium services are provided immediately upon request and are taken care of in the order they are received.


All premium optional charges are a ONE TIME EXPENSE to help cover data entry and design costs incurred on your behalf.

The above premium services are OPTIONAL FEE BASED data entry services. Each fee is PER each service you provide and per each additional location listing.

When you need us to handle listing your services in multiple areas you can save time by directing us to handle the listing for you. We provide these services as an optional service and a courtesy. You are certainly welcome to enter your own listings and at your convenience.

  • We charge 1.50 per city and zip codes for each location we enter for you.
  • We charge 8.00 per entire (1) county which includes all cities and all zip codes
  • We charge 30.00 per entire state (1) to be listed in every county, city and all zip codes
  • We charge 250.00 for Nationwide listings in every state, county, city and all zip codes within mainland U.S.
  • Please Note: If you have an idea for a special or exclusive page for yourself, for example, service upon a registered agent or a particular corporation in your area, we can create a page just for you. The starting fee is 125.00 per page.

  • EXAMPLE: You are a Process Server and a Mobile Notary. You get one FREE listing for each service you provide within your primary zip code. The FREE listings are your responsibility at the time you sign up.

    After your initial sign up and listing is secure, you then decide you also want another listing in a different zip code for listing your process serving or notary service; if we handle the entry for you, it will cost you 1.50. Lets say you also want us to list you as a Mobile Notary in another zip code, this will cost you another 1.50 or 3.00 in total; one optional fee per each additional listing. So, if the above example was actual, you would have four listings; two free and two paid for or a 3.00 for data entry.

    Answers to Questions about Premium Options

    Premium options are NOT REQUIRED. We offer premium services to legal support Agents who would like us to post their listings, geographically, on their behalf. We recognize the task of entering your free listings manually, one at a time, can be time-consuming. As such, we offer you our data entry services at a minimal cost. Please scroll up to see our optional fees for this service.

    As stated previously, premium options are NOT REQUIRED. We designed our platform to be user friendly, so you can post your services, for free, in as many locations as you want. We offer AN OPTION ONLY data entry service which will require a person in our office to take over the task on your behalf. The difference between the two is: If we take care of the data entry for you, its fast and places you in an active position in the directory within twenty four hours. If you decide to NOT take advantage of our premium service, you can post your own listings for free and each one you post will appear in the same time frame. The difference is, you post one listing at a time and you do all the work for free. Whereby, our premium service offer is, we do all the work for a small fee to cover our costs to assist you.