The only directory in the world that Guarantees Client-Users Lowest Fee Quotes from Process Servers and Mobile Notary Agents

Anyone seeking assistance with a service, simply fills out our "request a service form," it is than sent through our directory system to numerous local service providers. Our system will generate responses including comments, and lowest rate QUOTES within minutes, not hours. Combines Unique A.I. Logistics and Technology

What used to take at least a half hour to do manually, Now Takes Two Minutes Digitally

The directory is a privately held information and lead generation technology company focused on helping its members with simplifying job responsibilities, increasing office productivity, and lowering costs. Our directory directory was built on the core principles of productive Client-User and Agent success, integrity, real time interaction, transparency, speed, and accuracy.

Contacting the directory reassurance message.

When submitting any form to our company, your email and all other information is private. It will not be published, sold, or shared with any third party and is strictly confidential.

The essence of what we portray is not to brag about how fast we are, how we are better than others, or to reference our streamlined processes; but to report we are the only directory within the legal, Real Estate, Insurance, Collections and financial support services industries that guides its members through an easy and time saving experience.

As the directory moves forward to augment its innovative functions from A.I.-based algorithms to its quick access data population, its primary function is to assemble the most comprehensive array Service Providers for every Client-User seeking help with a special process or notary service in a particular state, county, city, or country. All interactions are overseen in real time and are considered the best in the world. Logistically speaking, our directory cuts job functions by 50%-70% and costs in half.

Expect to Experience Logistical Results:

Get more for less

Here, less means more

How to save thousands of dollars annually, and work less hours

Pay nothing for a lot more

The only place where you can experience a logical way of conducting business

Our Process Server and Mobile Notary and Signing Agent directory

As we continue to build out our directory, we aspire to join the Algorand blockchain ecosystem which will bring faster and more selections of Client-Users and legal support Agents together even faster. The impact of our directory will influence the way everyone conducts their business for many decades to come. The time spent searching for Agents will be streamed lined as more Agents sign up to be listed. The directory is running in real time and anyone using the directory can simply experience updates by clearing their cache click (Ctrl / F5 on your keyboard) on a regular basis.

When you use the QUOTESium.COM directory, your own desktop CRM will be automated, store memorized information, and allow you to experience amazing integrated functions. Our directory makes it easy to perfect and personalize your business by saving your data in a safe and secure environment that only you have access to.

Our directory functions as what some describe as a reverse bidding process or a descending quoting system whereby, we bring Client-Users and legal support Agents together to explore and confirm each others needs. Members of are cost and time conscience and find our directory convenient and very effective. In essence, the Agents offer competitive QUOTES for the Client-User to select from. The Client-User has numerous Agents to choose from. All that in a few minutes! Use of the directory as a Client-User or as a Agent is free.

Technology proprietary technology was built, tested, and streamlined to work as the main go to directory for Process Servers and Mobile Signing Agents in the U.S. The technology we use is patent pending, private, and secret. However, what we can share with you at this time is, the technology that drives the directory is our third generation and is a compilation of all the latest and best technology in the world.

Who supports The directory of Process Servers and Mobile Notary Agents?

Process Servers

Mobile Notary and Signing Agents

Courthouse Couriers and Messengers

Attorney's and Law Firms


Other Process Servers, Mobile Notary Agents and Attorney Support Companies

Client-Users who can engage in using the directory to find Process Servers and or Mobile Notary and Signing Agents directory are:


Collection Agencies



Top 50 Law Firms

Top 100 Law Firms

Mortgage, Title and or Closing Co.’s

Finance Companies

Insurance Companies

Corporate offices

Business Leaders

Pro Se Litigants

Process Servers, Mobile Notary and Signing Agents, and Client-Users frequent our directory multiple times within short periods of time. Our technology can manage more than a one thousand requests per minute.

WHAT THE QUOTESium.COM LOGO means to you and the world? The logo tells the world you are a member of a highly credible organization. Our logo portrays, membership status with one of the worlds best known and quality-oriented directory, sets up your position and reputation in the minds of those who consider using your services and adds to your image for being up to date and part of a new way of conducting business. Use of the logo is expressly authorized to all authenticate members.

Carbon Negative

No other directory, association, group, organization, or advertising outlets can offer a no carbon footprint viability, support of smart functionality, deliver max efficiency, gives direct access to the largest list of Agents, lowest QUOTES and guarantees success. With thousands of attorneys law firms, paralegals, lenders, collection agencies, finance companies, government agencies, attorneys, and corporate entities, as well as Agents using, we are laser focused on their needs while at the same time we are committed to staying carbon negative. For us its all about how we use our technology and extensive blockchain principals to enable simplicity, efficiency and use very little energy. We are carbon negative and will continue to do our share to preserve the environment.

What Is Web3 and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Web3 stands for the next generation of the internet access for people who are employees of firms, corporate leaders, business owners, professionals seeking a better way to conduct business, one that focuses on shifting extensive involvement to a minimize time, increase proficiency, and a lower cost model. Less time, increase productivity and lower costs? Yes, that is what we do with modern technology known as Web3.

Zero in on the specific details of what is most important to you through using our new paradigm in fee reduction attribution and AI-powered Agents selections. Experience less stress, lowest fees, greater efficiency, while maximization of your time. Finding legal support Agents has never been so easy and dependable as it is now with

Inspired by Web3 functionality (also known as Web 3.0 and mostly stylized as web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts including decentralization and token-based economics. Some technologists and have contrasted it with Web 2.0, wherein they say data and content are centralized in a small group of directories or related websites sometimes referred to as "the leaders". The term was coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, and the idea gained interest in 2021 from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, large technology companies, and venture capital firms.

Through its Web3 business model is expanding and building out more services and functions everyday.

Currently there are six other specialized Agent sectors we are adding to the directory. aims to make services accessible to Client-Users and legal support Agents from anywhere in the world. Through the use of web 3 technology and our adaptation of our own technology, will be rolling out yet another directory known as API 4.0 which will use decentralized blockchain technology on the Algorand directory prior to our planned public offering.

Benefits has resources and capabilities no other directory can offer. We want you to succeed as your success will bring everyone success.

In the spirit of collaboration, we offer our members the following benefits:

24/7 Availability

99.9% Server Uptime

A Private and Personal Desktop Manager

An Alternative to Using Existing, Old Monopolistic Directories

Affiliated Websites

Collaborate and Meet with New Contacts

Complete Privacy and Security

Premium Data Entry services

Free Domain Names

Increased Productivity Assistance

Interactive Help Center

Lower Costs

No Cost Access

No Cost Q & A Meetings via Zoom, Space Talk or Discord

Private Online Messaging with Other Members

Unlimited Free Listings

Use of the Most Modern Technology

Why are Professionals are turning to

Assures increased productivity

NO borders business connections found and made easily

Check Agent profiles, client reviews, and identity verification

Eliminate or reduce intermediaries

Find and connect directly with the Agent

Focus on your work knowing we help protect your data and privacy

Free storage of transactions, and information

Great communications

Guarantees efficiency

Increases your options 10-Fold

Review potential legal support Agents in bulk and at one time

More and better professional relationships

New and more profitable business transactions

No cost to use or list services

One time sign up

Proof of quality services

Real time updates and tracking of QUOTES

Safe and secure cloud-based directory

We are here with 24/7 supports

For the past twenty-eight years A.C.E. Technology Inc. has been the industry leader in organic marketing and sales of legal, financial, collections, real estate, and paralegal support services. At this point in time, after twenty-eight years, we are leaders in simplification technology and intend to use our skills, knowledge and patent pending methods to disrupt In a really good way) the entire way the Legal, Financial and Collection industries operate, which we know are old, unproductive and slow methods used for the last few decades have become obsolete.

As we take you away from the old way, you are provided direct access to our modern-day interactive directory. Its easy to use and in a brief time will transform the way you handle tasks and view your business dealings. Whether you are an attorney, corporate counsel, paralegal, a collection agency, a business leader, manager or an employee, it's time for you to realize things have really changed during the past couple of years. Now is the time for you to step up and experience an easier and more productive way of handling business matters when hiring outside vendors, Agents, Service Providers, Agents, contractors, and sub-contractors.

nationwide Services

Expand your nationwide abilities and increase your efficiency, easily, and cost-effectively with the directory. The directory is your gateway to connecting with nationwide directory Agents. We offer access to unmatched technology and business contacts, around the world or around the block.

User Friendly

The directory is simple and easy to navigate. If promoting your business in our directory is your interest, please do so and list your service anywhere you prefer. We do not charge to list your service, regardless of how many locations you need. If you are a user of our website and are seeking the services of process services, notary services, private investigations, services, courier services or paralegal services feel free to sign up and use our directory, there is no cost for unlimited use. Our mobile friendly website means that you can correspond with all members and secure new business transactions and contacts on the fly. Simply bookmark our website for when you need to sign in. Access to the website can take place anywhere in the world.

Cost Effective

When no cost services are offered, managing costs effectively is simple. Members who use our directory for finding Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents who use the directory to list their services are encouraged to do so for free. The dynamics of the directory directory is based upon Client-Users who are searching to find Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents who take part in our quoting / bidding system designed to lower fees for services. We bring together Client-Users in need of performance-driven Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents with the common goal to create, bring to market & implement the most trustworthy and effective service, lowest fees, and desired results.

We invented, created, manage, and continue to finance the directory so it runs at its best level and continues to bring Client-Users and Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents together. Our directory requires three people to support it, so we do have charge minor costs to our Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents. As you know by now, we do not charge Client-Users to access and use our directory to find Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents. Alternatively, we do not charge Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents to list their services. In fact, we encourage Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents to list where they want and as in as many places as needed. But with the no cost interactive system, comes some expenses we will need to have covered by Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents who list their services.

Legal Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents are subject to small surcharge fees only when they take part in quoting / bidding for a service. Service fees will range from 2.25 to 10.00, per service, depending upon the location where services are needed. Again, there are no upfront costs or expenses to use the site, but when a Process Servers or Mobile Notary Signing Agent decides to participate and names a service, she/he wants to quote on, a small fee in the 2.25 to 10.00 range will be incurred. Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents will know the exact fee before they start taking part in the quoting / bidding process. There is no obligation to take part with the quoting process.

Bug Bounty

We are offering a 20.00 cash card to anyone who finds significant bugs within our system. Please be informed, we are aware of some minor bugs and are constantly fixing, updating our system to reduce issues. What we are asking for are substantive issues that need immediate attention. Please, if you see or experience bugs, let us know and receive your gift card right away.

Free Registration

Free means free. There is no cost to use our directory and Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents do not pay to be listed in the directory.

Grow your Reputation

When you are an authenticated member of our directory, you will be offered equal access and functions as everyone else. As a Process Server and or Mobile Notary Signing Agent your listing will position you to receive numerous opportunities with new clients. Your listings will surely increase exposure of your business to the world of Client-Users seeking services. Getting on board with does not guarantee success, but it will assure you greater opportunities which will have a direct positive impact on your visibility and reputation. Client-Users of your service will be asked to leave reviews and comments which will be directly linked to your profile. Positive reviews and comments will boost your reputation and encourage future Client-Users to chose you over others who might not have reviews or fewer than you. So, whether its our system requesting comments and reviews from Client-Users about you, its always best that you ask for a great review too.


What would it mean to your business if you reduced your tasking time by 60% and lowered your costs by 50%? Utilizing the directory will change the way you operate and your view of the new way to save A LOT of time and costs.


Well, here is one way you can!