Must Read Information About the Directory offers Unlimited Access to find or list Process Servers and Mobile Notary Signing Agents WITHOUT ANY COST

NO COST, Unlimited Access and One Click Technology does not charge listing or usage fees to its members. As the leading directory in the legal, lender, finance, collections, banking, insurance, law firms, paralegals, real estate, government, and finance sectors, we offer client-users, Process Servers and Mobile Notary Signing Agents unlimited access for free. However, we do charge Process Servers and Mobile Notary Signing Agents, a nominal fee, to optionally participate in a quoting process whereby they have the optional opportunity to meet new clients to offer services and quotes. No pressure here!


Unlocking is a term we use to describe the process by which a Process Server or Mobile Signing Agent pays for the right to communicate directly with the person requesting a quote for anticipated services in their area. Unlocking occurs when a Process Server or Mobile Notary Signing Agent pays 5.00, and only after said payment is made, is granted direct access to the person/client/user in need of your services. In other words, you pay nothing to be in the directory. YOU CHOOSE when and where you want to participate.

Should a Process Server and or Mobile Notary Signing Agent decide to participate in quoting for a service, the Process Server or Mobile Notary Signing Agent will incur a fee to participate in "UNLOCKING" the service request. Each Process Server and Mobile Notary Signing Agent and has the option of paying a 5.00 fee for UNLOCKING" which gives them and anyone else interested, direct contact to the person requesting the service, also know as the client-user. The fee basically covers the costs incurs to host the site, manage the business, and keeping all functions operational.

Please be advised, this is a bidding site. There is a competitive spirit among our members who participate in a bidding process to win service requests. Generally speaking, there is no guarantee you will "win" the service request, but you will have a much better chance of "winning" when your quote is the lowest offered and you respond quickly or quicker than other participants - your competitors!

Client-users Service fees

Client-users who are seeking Process Server and Mobile Notary Signing Agent assistance, do not incur any service fees. Access to view listings, post listings and unlimited use of the directory is entirely free.

Questioning the Service Fee?

The above is all there is to know about fees. There are NO costs or expenses to become an active member; that is, if you are a client-user, listed Process Server and or listed Mobile Notary Signing Agent of the Directory service.