Essential Information Regarding the Directory provides Unrestricted Access to discover or list Process Servers, Mobile Notaries, and Signing Agents at NO CHARGE

ZERO COST, Boundless Access, and Streamlined Technology does not impose any listing or usage fees on its members. As the primary directory serving the legal, lending, financial, collections, banking, insurance, law firms, paralegals, real estate, government, and financial sectors, we extend free and unlimited access to client-users, Process Servers, Mobile Notaries, and Signing Agents. However, we do offer Process Servers, Mobile Notaries, and Signing Agents the choice to participate in a quoting process, for which they may pay a nominal fee, granting them the optional opportunity to engage with potential clients and provide quotes. No obligation here!


"Unlocking" is a term we employ to describe the process where a Process Server or Mobile Signing Agent pays a fee for the privilege of communicating directly with the individual requesting quotes for services in their region. "Unlocking" transpires once a Process Server or Mobile Notary Signing Agent submits a payment of $5.00. Only after this payment is made, they gain direct access to the person, client, or user in need of their services. In other words, you incur no charges to be listed in the directory. YOU DECIDE when and where you wish to participate.

If a Process Server or Mobile Notary Signing Agent opts to partake in quoting for a service, they will be subject to a fee for "UNLOCKING" the service request. Each Process Server and Mobile Notary Signing Agent is presented with the choice of paying a $5.00 fee for "UNLOCKING," which provides them, along with any other interested parties, with direct contact to the individual seeking the service, known as the client-user. This fee essentially covers's expenses related to website hosting, business management, and maintaining all functions.

Please note that this is a competitive bidding platform. Among our members who engage in the bidding process to secure service requests, there exists a competitive spirit. Generally, there is no guarantee of "winning" the service request, but your chances of success increase significantly when your quote is the most competitive, and you respond promptly or more promptly than your competitors!

Service Fees for Client-Users

Client-users seeking the assistance of Process Servers, Mobile Notaries and Signing Agents do not face any service fees. Access to view listings, post listings, and the unlimited utilization of the directory is entirely cost-free.

Curious About Service Fees?

The aforementioned constitutes the entirety of our fee structure. There are NO charges or expenses associated with becoming an active member if you are a client-user, a listed Process Server, or a listed Mobile Notary Signing Agent in the Directory service.